Treat yourself to some French organic cosmetics

Organic cosmetics are lushly scented, good for your skin and hair, and easier on the planet as well. France has seen an organic revolution in recent years, with the French government introducing an organic certification scheme in 1985 so that consumers would know precisely which of their food and cosmetic products were organically grown and made.

Organic cosmetics: an overview

For a cosmetic product to be organic, it needs to be made up entirely of organic ingredients. Ingredients are organic when they:

Come from nature.

Are not grown, harvested, or treated with any synthetic chemicals.

So, for example, a crop of lavender that is grown without any chemical fertilisers or pesticides, and which is then turned into an essential oil without the aid of synthetic chemicals is a good example of an organic ingredient. As well as being all natural, organic cosmetics tend to be cruelty free as well, as this is part of a holistic environmental ethos.

What are the benefits of using organic cosmetics?

Here are just five reasons why you might consider switching to using only organic cosmetics in the future:

Rich in natural nutrients: these cosmetics contain unadulterated plant and other nutrients without being ‘diluted’ or damaged by chemicals.
Ideal for sensitive skin: these are natural products, so they are very gentle on your hair and skin.
More eco friendly: organic farming is better for the environment, because it does not load the soil with chemicals and disrupt ecosystems.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Just as you would be careful about the chemicals that go into your food (preferring an organic diet instead of one saturated with chemical additives), so too should you care about what you put on your precious skin.

Purchasing organic “bio cosmetics” from Styl’Bio

Styl’Bio is a French organic cosmetics company that provides organic body and hair care for every aspect of your life. Whether you are seeking some make up to bring some glamour to your everyday routine, or whether you want some excellent scrubs and oils for a sensuous massage, Styl’Bio will have so many products to tempt and inspire you. There is also a mother and baby section on their website, so you can pamper your little one as well.

Make the switch to organic skincare and other cosmetics today

Organic cosmetics are characterised by their fresh, natural fragrances, their wonderful anti-ageing properties, their gentleness, their high nutritional content for your skin, and their eco friendliness. There’s no denying that this makes a very attractive package. Make the switch today and start trying out organic shampoo, moisturisers, bath lotions, make up and more! You will soon notice the difference in how you look and feel.