Ways to Save Money at the Supermarket

Financial times are precarious right now at best, and the most prudent advice given today is carefully watch how we spend. Since we shell out a good portion of our paychecks on groceries, here’s how we can reduce one of our largest monthly expenses.

Make a list and stick to it. Lists focus your shopping and are the single best way to save money.
Compare unit pricing, not box size. As with good things, good prices sometimes come in small packages.
– If you only need a handful of items, use a basket, not a cart. Empty space cries to be filled.
If it’s not on your list, don’t pick it up. According to Paco Underhill in Why We Buy: “Virtually all unplanned purchases…come as a result of the shopper seeing, touching, smelling, or tasting something that promises pleasure, if not total fulfillment.”
Shop at the edge of the store. That’s where the healthier, cheaper items hide.
Disavow brand loyalty and swear allegiance to the lowest price.
Consider generics. You usually get the same quality, without the unnecessary branding.
– Learn to love coupons. With practice, you can buy almost $150 worth of stuff for $5.
Make one big shop, rather than several small ones. You’ll save on gas while inoculating against wasteful spending.
Buy from bulk bins. Why pay for packaging and marketing when you can reach right in and scoop out exactly what you need?
Check your receipt. Don’t let an errant scan ruin your hard work.
Shop alone. Science shows that we spend more when we’re with company.
Track your spending so you can see what’s eating your money. Committed receipt hawks can spot price cycles to help guide their shopping.
Eat a meal before shopping. Shopping on a full stomach tamps down impulse spending and keeps you focused on your list.
Shop without a car. Nothing limits spending like knowing you’ll have to carry your goods home.