shredder for compostYou might be wondering why I’m featuring a shredder for this site. Does it fit into the theme of body mind spirit? YES. Shredders not only take care of your personal information on letters that need to be destroyed to keep private information from getting out, but the shreds and confetti from it can be recycled and thrown into your compost pile. I love this shredder for that. Just make sure the paper is compostable. When paper is shredded finely this way, it’s easier to break down, it adds a “brown” (dry) factor to the compost to balance out the “green” wet material. Hey, and if anything, it’s sort of fun. Here’s the product information below:

The innovative Fellowes SB-87CS with Safe Sense Technology features an active sensor that stops shredding immediately when paper entry is touched. Designed for frequent shredding needs, the Fellowes Powershred SB-87CS delivers a high level of performance that’s ideal for small business or home office use. This heavy-duty personal shredder reduces documents to higher security confetti particles, and shreds up to 15 sheets per pass, 50-100 times per day, for a total daily capacity as high as 1,500 sheets. Equipped with a 9-inch wide front feed paper entry, the SB-87CS easily accepts standard letter or legal-size documents. SB87CS shreds CDs in a designated safety slot and the durable steel cutters also accept credit cards, staples and small paper clips. Electronic auto start/stop ensures quick & easy automatic shredder operation. Shredder automatically shuts off and alerts operator when a jam occurs, door is ajar or 7-gallon pullout wastebasket is full. Sheet capacity gauge helps prevent paper jams. Door offers convenient holder for oil, manual and shredder bags. Cabinet-style stand includes casters for portable ease.

Note: You can also throw this into your kitty’s litter box for extra absorption.

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