Butt Toning Sneakers, Are They Worth It?

easytoneBeing a native from Southern California, I drove everywhere! It’s just the thing to do. After being diagnosed with DCM (Dialated Cardiomyopathy) almost 2 years ago, I was told to get up and start walking more. Ever since then I’ve been on this crazy hunt for the perfect walking shoes because I swear they’ll help me get motivated and maybe tone up my caboose. Well, 7 purchases later (in my defense they were on sale!), I’m still not convinced . Doing a little research I came across these [new] Reebok EasyTone’s. I’m not a huge fan of commercials and usually change the channel when one comes on, but apparently they’ve been around since the beginning of the year.

Designed by a former NASA engineer, Reeboks EasyTone running shoes were created to tone your butt, thighs and hamstrings by 28 percent. Unlike the MBT’s (the original ‘rocker style’ shoes) and Sketchers Shape-ups, the EasyTone’s are more streetwear ready and definitely don’t look like weird alien shoes. The soles of the shoes are basically two pod-like pads, one is on the heel, the other is on the ball. Having only two pads requires much stability and balance (two qualities that I have yet to master).

One of my favorite fashion blogs, Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle, did a three part review of the EasyTone’s:

“I’ve been wearing Reebok EasyTone sneakers for the past couple of weeks now– mainly on my weekend walks around the neighborhood and when I run errands, such as trips to the grocery store or Target. While I initially felt that my legs were a little more tired after walking in EasyTone sneakers than normal athletic sneakers, I can now confirm that the feeling intensified with more wear. There is definitely something going on with these new Reeboks!”

I think I know what I’m asking Santa for this year!